IMPACT+ evaluates the carbon footprint and electricity consumption of digital ads with a proprietary methodology based on the ISO 14044 standard for digital service Lifecycle Assessment.

Scope of evaluation & boundaries

Our evaluation system determines the electricity consumption within the following scopes:

- Creative delivery (ad distribution)

- Supply path (allocation of advertising space)

Not included in scope:

  • Creative production
  • Data & Tracking providers

Converting electricity usage to GHG emissions

To deduce the amount of GHG emitted by a campaign, this electricity consumption is combined with carbon intensity - the amount of carbon emitted during the production of electricity. Carbon intensity varies significantly depending on the energy grid mix, which is affected by factors such as location, weather conditions, and demand for electricity.

Embodied emissions

We also add the GHG emissions due to the production, transportation and end of life of the user’s device. This Device production impact is only used in the total GHG emissions and isn’t taken into account in other emissions KPIs like emissions /1000 impressions or /1000€-$-£, which are based solely on emissions due to electricity consumption.